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What We Offer


We offer genuine Hawaiian Koa ukuleles at the best price. Kumu Ukulele guarantees customers receive the best service available and make sure they only purchase the very best instruments available on the market.





A Little More Information

First Voyage: Kumu Series

Kumu ukulele is the import counterpart to Na Leo’s domestic
manufacturing. Na Leo represents “aina”, or land. And Kumu,
“aukai”, seafarer or “of the sea”. In the Hawaiian culture this idea of
land and sea is very powerful. This represents balance, harmony,
creation, and most importantly life. This best represents our company.

Na Leo is our ‘Made in Hawaii’ ukulele. Since they will be
manufactured in Hawaii, they are from the “aina”. From Hawaii to the
world. Kumu ukulele will be manufactured overseas and imported,
hence their ‘aukai’ designation.

A hands on approach:

For the Kumu Series we took an intimate approach to production.
We took a trip to Captain Cooke on Hawaii Island and worked with a
Koa ranch to select our lumber. This process took several months
and just as many trips to find the perfect Koa billets for our Kumu
series. We loaded a container on the Big Island and had it treated,
and shipped out Koa lumber to China.

After clearing customs with the proper forms and certificates, we
followed the lumber to two factories. One factory to mill the wood in
another to join them into laminates. This is a very tedious process
and took a month to complete. We checked the cuts to ensure we
were getting the most from our Koa lumber. Eyes on, and hands on.

Finally the wood traveled to the manufacturing facility where they
were turned into ukulele. To ensure that our Kumu Series would
meet to our expectations, we monitored this process meticulously.
After the ukulele was inspected they were reloaded onto another
container and brought back into the States.

From the forest to the show, we followed our Kumu Series from
conception to birth. We are proud to present to the world for the first
time, Na Leo’s KUMU SERIES!