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Second Voyage: Moana Series


Moana: Ocean



The concept for the Moana series came from a desire to develop a ukulele that is the most deliberate evolution of our founding design; the Kumu ukulele.  It truly is an evolution of simplicity.  


The body is constructed using Hawaiian Koa.  The Hawaiian Koa on the Moana series was meticulously inspected for grain, color, and musicality.  Our Koa is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii ensuring that our Koa is genuine and of Hawaiian origin.


Curly maple binds the top and back of the ukulele.  The ‘blonde’ nature of maple harmonizes beautifully with the earthy gold complexion of Hawaiian Koa.  Darker woods commonly bind Koa instruments giving them a  sophisticated look.  With the Moana series we went with a different approach and used curly maple.  This gives the instrument a luxurious and ‘comfortable’ look. 


The Hawaiian word Moana means ‘ocean‘.  The ocean is revered in  the Hawaiian culture for it’s incredible power and it’s deep mysteries.  These ideas are masterfully incorporated in the Moana series.  Continuing with the curly maple motif, curly maple honu (turtles) are inlaid into the fingerboard.    Sea turtles in the Hawaiian culture symbolize blessing. Honu are often seen in Hawaiian waters swimming around gracefully together.  The honu are placed as fret  position markers on the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 15th frets.  The 12th fret is marked with a  cresting wave.  This cresting wave symbolizes the immense power of the ocean.  The dark grained fingerboard is the back drop for the honu, who are positioned to look as if they are swimming to shore.


The Moana design concludes at the headstock with a curly maple logo inlaid  at the top.  Underneath the Moana logo we have an inlaid honu ‘resting‘ beneath it.  The head plate is of Hawaiian Koa. 


The Moana Series is the perfect marriage of form and function.  It plays wonderfully, and is stunningly beautiful.  Each refinement serves to bring absolute unity and efficiency to the overall concept.  We are proud to have achieved this and can’t wait to share the Moana Series with you!


Mahalo nui loa!